Ohennuskoneen varaterän teroitus

We also offer to regrinding, resharpening and lip turning for your used dull fleshing blades. NOT all blades can be regrounded and resharpened.

If you send a blade that can not be regrounded, you will recieve a refund. Just puchase the regrind here then send your blade to us with a copy of the invoice and we will send sharpened blade back to you within 10 days. Not responsible for damages during shipping.

If you send us round dull blades for grinding, it is a prerequisite that they are properly packed. This prevents the risk of injury during shipping and protects the freshly grounded blades during the return. For badly packed round blades, we provide a safe packaging for transport and will charge a fee before we are sending them back to customers.

Terät voi lähettää keskiön kanssa tai ilman. Vain terät, joissa on 35 mm keskiöreikä, pitää lähettää keskiön kanssa.

Huomioitavaa: Emme pysty teroittamaan ohennuskoneen teriä, jotka on valmistettu ruostumattomasta teräksestä.

Hintaan sisältyy ALV 24%).